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The first time I heard the term RETAIL DESIGN was a course of ARTS UNIVERSITY OF LONDON . This post is a summary of retail concepts, from research and experience in the design of projects in Brazil and abroad.

Direct result of the historical development of retail, the challenge to unite global positioning and consumer individual style, RETAIL DESIGN appropriates multidisciplinary concepts such as marketing, fashion, architecture, art, technology, sustainability, wellness,  transforming customers into faithful followers of the brands they choose to consume.


Brands with market presence, focused on processes of expansion, usually have a shop FLAGSHIP shops. There institutional identity, unique products, merchandising concepts, architectural language specialist meet.

Able to suggest the most complete consumer experience, FLAGSHIP shops focus on:

Institutional Identity. Flagship stores house the basic concepts of identity and expansion of the brand globally.

Louis Vuitton is one of the brands that invest more in Flagship Retail Design around the world. Louis Vuitton Flagship, Ginza, Tokyo.

Exclusive products. Careful selection of products that reflect the concepts of uniqueness suggests the status of owning an authentic piece.

Exclusive line created in 2003 by Takashi Murakami, Japanese designer, brought humor to highlight exclusive products for Louis Vuitton.

In Brazil,  Osklen the brazilian cool chic brand reflects the concept of Brazilianness in exclusive collections of pordutos in the  Rio and  São Paulo Flagship stores.

Layout and architecture unifies the spirit of Brazilian products in cool Flagship projects . Flagship in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.
Flagship Osklen. Soho, NY.

Identity Design. Sensual elements unify the language of corporative style – decorative elements, furniture, music, staff dress code  – strengthen the brand values.

COLOUR, one of the most important elements used in Retail Design, defines the presence and customer interest. 
Flagship Havaianas, Oscar Freire, São Paulo.

Visual Merchandising. Functionality, narrative, emphasis on aesthetics, interactivity with products, ensure the achievement and customer loyalty.

Nike celebrates life and career of Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer in Flagship brand in London. Technology and visual merchandising are used to seduce clients. Nike Flagship, Regent Street, London.

Personalized Service. Specialized consultancy is provided to suit each style of client.

In an age of virtual popularity, personal contact is one of the differentials of the stores to make customer visit retail spaces. Nike Flagship, Oscar Freire, São Paulo.

SERVICE X CONSULTING. Trained specialized consultants sell based on knowledge and relationship with customer.

Knowledge and individual contact. Key point in relationship between brand and consumer. Apple Flagship, Shanghai.


The concept of BOUTIQUE is constantly reinvented since the rise of single-brand stores in 70’s.

In the historic district of Marais, brands bet on the authenticity of the local architecture. NikeID Boutique, Paris.

Today, Boutiques in smaller spaces marks the essence of style. Often taking advantage of charm and distinction of pre-existing local architecture, shops are confortable spaces to discover.

The interior of the store combines retro style and modernity. NikeID Boutique, Marais, Paris.

Use of space associates original material innovation to aesy flow solutions of visitors.

Natural design (stones in the photo) and industrial (steel in fixtures), suggests the concept of relaxed minimalism, the spirit of the Spanish footwear brand.Camper Boutique. Soho, NY.

Contrasts of old and new, baroque and minimalism, functionality and art, natural and industrial design, create practical solutions for architecture in the new merchadinsing Boutique.

The Boutique Aquim uses the concept of niches to store chocolates as precious pieces of jewelry. Rua Garcia d’Avila, Rio de Janeiro.



They are great spaces that bring together various brands in one place, in privileged addresses in cities around the world.

In 1893 Gallerie Lafayette, the first multi-brand was opened in Paris. Designed to attract passing traffic with the innauguration of of St. Lazaire Opera train station, it is one til today of the most visited Multibrands in the world. Boulevard Haussman, Paris


Planned in urban areas, fashion, design, accessories, beauty, cosmetics, homeware, stationery, MULTI selling spaces attract great range of visitors.

The traditional Liberty was so remarkable that it became synonimyn of a decorative art style, characterized by the ornate design of the turn of the century.  Regent Street, London.

To distinguish the effect of massive shopping malls, MULTIBRANDS  invest in complex visual merchandising, combining sophistication and functionality.

Brands are distributed in lay out of section and lifestyle, providing a smooth feeling when shopping. Liberty, London.

Façades of large windows are famous for its daring and innovation projects in visual merchandising.

Selfridges, often invites designers to ‘dress’ their windows, appreciated as true by the public art installations. London.
Installation-showcase. Selfridges, London.

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